Gold blend

Miscela Gold

Roasted and grounded coffee   GOLD The Gold blend, obtained  combining only fine coffee of Arabica species, is the result that Inpunto caffè offers to the most sophisticated and demanding customer. The aroma is intensively floral and during the tasting, the coffee cup expresses richly fruity aromas with fine and lovable citrus notes.   Net

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Silver blend

Miscela Silver

Roasted and grounded coffee   SILVER Body, sweetness and the aroma intensity are the characteristics offered by the Silver blend. For those looking for an intense taste and aromas linked to the coffee tradition, Inpunto caffè offers this blend that takes to exotic and colourful lands.   Net weight 250gr

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Italiana Blend

Inpunto miscela Italiana - miscela caffè robusta e arabica

Roasted coffee   ITALIANA Coffee beans   Blend with an intense and full-bodied aroma with hints of chocolate and tobacco that comes from the careful selection of Robusta and Arabica coffee..   Net weight 1000gr

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Haiti Blend

Inpunto - Miscela Haiti, caffè arabica

Roasted coffee   HAITI Coffee beans   This particular type of blend requires high-qualified operators in order to get mellow, aromatic and dainty espresso. Particularly appreciated by most sophisticated and demanding customers. The Arabica coffee brings out the fruity and floral nuances and the pleseant sharpness.   Net weight 1000gr

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Inpunto Blend

Miscela Inpunto

Roasted coffee   INPUNTO Coffee beans   This rare blend of cofee was carefully selected and roasted over a flow flame. The result is robust and creamy coffee with a strong fragrance.   Net weight 1000gr

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Crema Blend

Miscela Crema

Roasted coffee   CREMA Coffee beans   This blend was expressly thought for cafès. The mellowness and fragrance coffee combine perfectly with strong nuances, in order to impart vigour to the espresso. The aftertaste is enduring and pleasant, due to its abundant cream.   Net weight 1000gr

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